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Purpose of Establishment

home Introduction Purpose of Establishment

Cheongju city opened the Cheongju Art Studio in March 2007 to establish a new art and cultural infrastructure and to promote various visual arts. By providing space for creative activities to artists and helping networking among residential artists and outside art experts, it exists to cultivate and inspire their creativity.

The Cheongju Art Studio was established to create a contemporary artistic discourse by providing a ground for artists both home and abroad to share and exchange information and experiences. The studio respects various experimental and progressive artworks and indirectly supports artists by creating an environment where artists, critics and curators gather at the same place and share opinions and artists are solely engaged in artistic activities. Artists themselves display their own abilities in the space and utilize the space as a substantial steppingstone for their activities. Moreover, the studio plays an important role as a public art studio with programs in which both artists and local residents participate.

The exhibition halls have become a friendly cultural space as they have been used for private exhibitions and special exhibitions of residential artists and outside artists.