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Set-up & Operation Ordinance

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Article 1 (Purpose)

These rules aim to stipulate the rules that are necessary for the residence artists who reside in Cheongju Art Studio (hereafter "Studio") to use its facilities.

Article 2 (Use of Studio)

  1. It is a rule to open the Studio for 24 hours a day. However, the art researcher of the Studio can limit the opening hours if it is inevitable for the management and operation of the Studio.
  2. The residence artists must use the Studio more than 15 days a month. However, there exists an exception if there is any special reason such as overseas exhibition, and the relevant documentary evidence is submitted to and approved by the art researcher.
  3. When a residence artist does not use the Studio for a long period of time due to overseas exhibition etc., s/he should notify the t researcher and take safety precautions.
  4. Each artist has to pay for the fee for electricity that has been used in his/her individual studio within the due date of a bill.

Article 3 (Duties of residence artists)

  1. The residence artists must actively participate in a variety of programs that the Studio operates in the forms of submitting works nd data for exhibition, opening individual studios, and teaching education program etc. within the limit that does not harm their creative activities.
  2. The residence artists must use the Studio more than 15 days a month, and must not use a separate individual studio other than the Studio during a rental period.
  3. The residence artists cannot do behaviors of guiding or teaching other people in their individual studio, nor can use the studio together with other artists.
  4. The residence artists must comply with any requests made by the art researcher for the management of the Studio and the operation of programs where there is no special reason not to do so.

Article 4 (Prohibited items in the Studio)

The residence artists cannot bring the following items listed into their individual studio.

  1. Luxury furniture besides basic products for creative activities
  2. Inflammable and explosive product
  3. Product that may generate bad smell or noise
  4. Disgusting product
  5. Product that may damage environment when discarded
  6. Equipment that requires excessive power consumption(over 1 kW)
  7. Electric heater that may cause fire

Article 5 (Limit over behaviors)

The residence artists must not do the following behaviors.

  1. Cooking in a place other than authorized place
  2. Drinking or dancing etc. in the Studio
  3. Behaviors that may cause a complaint by neighbors such as loud singing and noise
  4. Bringing animals into the Studio or breeding animals in the Studio
  5. Leaving a piece of work or materials in a place other than individual studio (including common place)
  6. Other behaviors that may cause inconvenience in the use of common facilities or danger in the management of the facilities

Article 6 (Use of places other than individual studio)

The residence artists must obtain an approval from the director of the Studio when they wish to use places other than their individual studio (exhibition room, common place, outdoor space etc. ) for the purpose of creation.

Article 7 (Opening of individual studios)

If it is considered to be necessary to open individual studios to help the advertisement of the Studio and residence artists when domestic and foreign celebrities in the art industry visit the Studio unexpectedly, the director of the Studio can open the individual studios without obtaining a prior consent from the residence artists. However, the residence artists must be notified afterward of the fact that their individual studio has been opened.

Article 8 (Safety check)

The director of the Studio can open individual studios and do a safety check for the prevention of accidents such as checking the use of electric heater that might cause fire when the residence artists are absent from their studio.

Article 9 (Restoration to original state)

  1. The residence artists have a responsibility to restore the facilities and equipments of the Studio to their original state. If the facilities and equipments have been damaged by mistake or with intention of a residence artists, s/he must restore them to their original state or compensate the Studio for loss.
  2. If a residence artist wishes to change the structure of his/her individual studio, s/he must obtain a prior approval from the director of the Studio.

Article 10 (Duties to comply)

Article 10 (Duties to comply) The residence artists must comply with these rules. If a residence artist does not comply with any of these rules, s/he must leave the Studio even if s/he is still within the rental period.