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Residential Information

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As the core annual event among the Cheongju Art Studio programs, it is to promote artworks which have been created by the resident artists during their residential period to the domestic and overseas art world and the general public when the period ends. Moreover, it is to provide substantial help to the creative activities of the artists by creating various discourses through publications or research seminars where critics participate.
  • Period : before the residential period ends
  • Period : before the residential period ends
  • Contents : opening of studios, art project exhibition, development of promotional
  • Exhibition Venue : each studio, exhibition halls, hallways, terrace, outside the studio, etc.

Exhibition Types

  • Open Studio Type

    Each studio exhibit artworks made during the residential period by theme, genre, artwork group or object; it is opened to visitors and equipped with promotional materials and artwork explanations
  • Material Display Type

    The exhibition displays theme, relevant materials, drawings, photos, visual diaries and materials for artworks of each artist; visitors appreciate the collection of materials and items at the exhibition first and follow the flow to view each studio


  • Cast critics by dividing artists by genre, who want to participate among resident artists and write a script after discussion with artists of the group; include the script in the open studio log
  • Each critic makes a 30-minute presentation about their research on artworks of a