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Open Call for Artist-In-Residency
for Cheongju Art Studio

The Cheongju Art Studio is run by the city council of Cheongju, Korea. It is designed to provide an ideal working space with diverse programs for both domestic and international artists. The fundamental purpose of the residency is to encourage the artists personal artistic growth and interaction with the works and ideas of fellow artists.
Through active discussion they will lead their art creativity and motivation in art. The Cheongju Art Studio accepts about 18 artists each year. Each artist is provided with their own studio a bathroom and a small kitchen area. The studio is spacious with a high ceiling. It is designed as a loft where an artist can work and sleep, and is open 24 hours a day.
Each artist will have a solo show with a brochure and promotion. Also artists will participate in several group shows inside and outside of the city. Each year we curate two to three group shows.
We also host an open studio and several artists workshops in which artists give public presentations on their work.

Cheongju Art Studio

Cheongju Museum of Art Notice No. 2022-1
+ Recruitment Overview
─ Purpose
○ Providing art work space to ambitious artists and thereby aims to develop art
○ Through various exhibition programs, enhance the art standard and improve status as a cultural city
─ Management Overview
○ Location : Yongam-ro 55, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chongcheongbuk-do
○ Residence Period : Long term a year (May 1, 2022 ~ March 22, 2023)
Short term 6 months (The first half May 1, 2022 ~ 12 October, 2022)
(The second half October 18, 2022 ~ March 22, 2023)
○ Operating hours : open 24hr
○ Occupancy capacity : 18
- Long term a year : 10
- Short term 6 months : 8
○ Residence field : Visual arts such as plane, three-dimensional, photography, video, installation art and etc;.
○ Fee : Free (But the artist shall pay for electricity, internet and other supplies)​

+ Registration
─ Application
○ Application period : February 7, 2022 (Mon) ~ February 11 (Fri) 18:00
○ Application site : Cheongjuartstudio@gmail.com(email application)
○ How to apply : Download the application in the homepage and apply an email (refer to below)
Step1. Access homepage(http://www.cmoa.or.kr/cjas/index.do) > Notice > Click ‘2022-2023 Cheongju Art Studio 16th artist in residence recruitment' > Download notice and applications > Write application > Apply the email Input ‘Personal information’(Including profile photo) and attach application documents (Must zip files and upload a file)

─ Qualification for application
○ Cheongju and both internal and external artists without the experience of moving into this studio
* Preferences
- A person currently living in Cheongju-si for more than 2 years.
- A person who has lived in Cheongju-si for more than 3 years in the past, and still living in for more than a year.
- A person who is recognized by a mayor to have contributed in the local community development(art) will be allocated preferentially
(Cheongju-si Cheongju Museum of Art Management Ordinance Article 8 Management of Cheongju Art Studio)
─ Restrictions on occupancy and unable to apply details
○ When in attendance at an undergraduate student
○ When have a belonging organization with a working contract more than 40 hours a week
○ When belong to a faculty in full service of elementary, middle, high school and university
○ When selected as an artist in residence of other artist residence with the same period in the Cheongju Art Studio
※ When confirmed to have violated above statements after moving into studio, a selection is revoked and will take check out measures.
○ Submitting documents and files 6 in total (Every residence application, submitting documents should be written in Korean in principle)
1. A copy of residence application (Include a self-introduction / artist note/ artist record)
2. A copy of creation work plan
* Among the residence period, write concretely
3. A copy of Portfolio (artwork introduction)
* 10 pages at maximum (when submit more than 10 pages, it would be deleted arbitrarily)
* The portfolio format must be PDF files and file size should be same or less than 50mb
* If the piece is a video(for video artist only), it must be AVI file within 5min and file size should be same or less than 50mb
4. A copy of resident registration certificate(only those who qualify for preferential treatment)
* Should record a change of residence of recent 3 years, and when the artist is a foreigner, substitute into a copy of a passport or a certificate of alien registration
* Attach after scanning (PDF)
5. Second examination method and submitting documents
* Just in case of the successful applicants of the first examination, proceed non face-to-face examination, using artwork presentation video
* Presentation video must be in AVI format and maximum 5 minutes
* When presenting foreign language, must put in Korean subtitles.
* Presentation video submission deadline and detailed producing format should be individually informed to the relevant people after announcing accepted people
※ Every submitting documents should be zipped into a file and submitted

+ Selection examination
─ Examination date and result announcement
○ The first portfolio examination announcement : March 8, 2022 (expected)
○ The second video examination : March 22, 2022 (expected)
○ The announcement of final resident : March 29, 2022 (expected)
○ The date of orientation : April 12, 2022 (expected)
─ Examination method : Artist in resident selection examination committee decides on deliberation
─ Examination result announcing method : Post on the home page and inform individually
* Application documents will not be returned.
* The one who didn't take place in artist in residence orientation and contract application will be considered to have declined moving in.
* When the details of written documents are different from the truth, the selection is revoked.

+ Inquiries
Cheongju Art Studio art room
tel +82-43-201-4057∼8
email : cheongjuartstudio@gmail.com
Location : Cheongju Art Studio, Yongam-ro 55, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chongcheongbuk-do
Opening hours : Tue~Sun 09:00 ~ 18:00, Closed on every Monday and National holidays