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This is Cheongju City Museum of Art,
a cultural center city.

Cheongju City Museum of Art As the representative art and culture space of the region,
we would like to provide citizens with a place where they can enjoy
various art and culture.

One, with the illumination of artists who conducted experimental and leading
creative activities of contemporary art, we draw a new map of Chungbuk art and
operate Cheongju, the center of East Asia.

Two, we lead the exhibition of new convergence in the 4th Industrial Revolution,
strive to characterize the cultural ecosystem of the region, and aim for
expansion in the field of environmental art.

Three, we will strive for the development of Korean art and the
of the art population in the central region through innovative
operation of creative studios that discover and support artists who will lead the
next generation of Korean art.

Four, we run various programs that citizens can easily experience and understand
art culture to pursue the healing space that art lovers enjoy.

Five, It is a dynamic art museum that leads the art world in the central region to
enhance the status of a cultural city and produce a wide range of art cultures.

You join us in exploring the arts, ideas, and issues of our time.
Please give it to me.

President of Cheongju Museum of Art