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Exhibition Guide

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Exhibition Hours

March–October: 10:00–19:00 / November–February: 10:00–18:00

Closed on

Every Monday, January 1, Seolnal, Chuseok (In case Monday is a holiday, we close on the next day)

Last Entry

You may enter until 1 hour before the closing time

Admission Fee

Admission Fee
Classification Individual Group(20 or more) Remarks
Adults: 19–64 KRW 1,000 KRW 700
  • Children 6 or under, seniors 65 or over
  • Disabled in accordance with the Act on Welfare of Persons with Disabilities
  • The National Honoree and their bereaved families in accordance with the Act on the Honorable Treatment and Support of Persons, etc. of Distinguished Services to the State
    (Limited to those who present their ID or proving documents)
Youths: 13–18
(including middle and high school students)
KRW 700 KRW 500
Children: 7–12
(including elementary school students)
KRW 500 KRW 300
  • Cheongju citizen get a 50 percent discount.
  • For planned exhibition or special exhibition, a separate admission fee may be additionally imposed.

Group Admission

For all group admissions (20 or more)reservation is required in advance.
If you visit without making a reservation, you may be restricted when entering the art museum, so please check in advance.

Guided Tours

Once a day during the weekdays, and twice a day during the weekends, we offer guided tours.

Guided Tours
Weekdays Weekends
15:00 14:00